The evaluation of GEMS


The evaluation of the project comprises two types of evaluation; an internal evaluation (self-evaluation conducted by one of the partner organizations) and an external evaluation.


Internal evaluation

Omagh college is in charge of the internal evaluation of the project2, which has the objective to monitor and evaluate the project in order to maximize the effectiveness of transnational partnership, ensure that the project meets quantitative and qualitative objectives, and to derive key learning points as to the effectiveness of the project to meet its major objectives. This includes continuous assessment of the project execution against timetables and resources including inputs, services and budgets of project partners and periodic assessment and value judgment of projects relevance, performance, efficiency and impact, as well as final effects and sustainability.


External evaluation


The external evaluation of GEMS will be conducted by the Social Science Research Institute at the University of Iceland. The role of the external evaluator for Leonardo projects is to give

expert services, as well as to offer a more objective evaluation of the project.

The evaluation will be carried out twice

The external evaluation will be conducted at to points during the project period.

First, during the midst of the project, an external evaluation will be undertaken on order to reflect on processes, track progress and to make recommendations on different aspects of the project so that adjustments and improvements can be made for the last part of the project. This part of the evaluation will have a formative character.
This will take place in November 2007.

The second point of evaluation activity takes place during the last phase of the project and will have both a summative and a formative character as a concluding evaluation of the project. Here, the purpose is to obtain overall lessons from the project; its design, implementation, results an
d success.