• Workplacement in the Netherlands
    • This website will support companies in finding the right Dutch trainee, preparing staff for an international work placement and by offering on-line guidance and assessment tools during the placement.
      Students will find here useful information for preparing an international work placement. For colleges this website provides checklists and instruments to develop policy on international exchanges.
  • Becult Learning platform
    • The Becult website is a web-based tool for cultural, linguistic and professional support of trainees in the hotel and catering sector leaving for a work experience abroad
  • Virtex project Exercices
    • The virtual experience project is to develop a series of language learning CD-Rom to allow hotel and catering students undertaking work placements to gain advance experience of using English and German as a foreign language
  • Eurocatering - language training
    • EuroCatering Language Training is the website for students, trainees or workers in the catering area. This Leonardo da Vinci Pilot project aims to improve language skills and competencies within work-linked vocational training in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovenian, Irish and Galician.
  • Problem SOLVE
    • Are you interested in a work placement abroad? Problem SOLVE has the answers to your questions. PorblemSOLVE will offer you interactive dialogues and exercises,  cultural and specific information for Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy and Spain
  • Europass
    • Promoting Transparency of qualifications in Europe


    • This webpage contains information on contract for work based learning and the implantation on journeymenís examinations in the following trades; the automotive trades, building and constructions branches, food and culinary branches, Tailoring industry, gold and silver trade, metal and machinery branches, net making, printing industries, shoe-making, hairdressing, beautician, saddler, watch making and gold and silversmiths trades. This page also services and provides companies and individuals with knew knowledge and skills when needed. We provide training courses, assistance in preparation of life long learning plans and coordination and registry of real competence skills.
  • The Icelandic Travel Industry Association
    • The Icelandic Travel Industry Association - SAF is the mutual venue of Icelandic companies operating in the field of travel and tourism. Its purpose is to promote and protect the common interest of the membership and to work towards improved proficiency of both staff and management. The Association will work towards the growth and development of the tourism industry with a professional attitude where emphasis is on quality and environmental concern. Participation is open to all companies working in the travel and tourism industry and all members have valid permits for their operation where such permits are applicable.
      The Icelandic Travel Industry Association - SAF endeavors to advance quality, safety and professionalism among its membership. It aims to inform its membership about consumer laws and insurance regulations in all the markets from which the travelers originate. The Association is cooperating with the government and Tourist Board to get official classification of hotels, guesthouses and buses according to service features and quality. It is the aim of the association that membership in it will be associated with quality and professionalism so that travelers and travel planners direct their business to its members.
      The sy
      mbol of SAF is easily recognized and is a clear signal of participation.
  • The federation of Icelandic Industries

    • SI - the Federation of Icelandic Industries looks after the interests of industry in every way and in close co-operation with the individual enterprise. The work is based on strategic work done by nine occupational work groups and over twenty organisations. The service available to members is on one hand individual to the enterprize or occupational work group and on the other general in such matters as quality, education, marketing and public relations.


    • MATVÕS is a  union for Bakers, waiters, meat processors, cooks and chefs and others that are linked to the industries.


  • EPOS Vlaanderen
    • EPOS "Europese Programma's voor Onderwijs, Opleiding en Samenwerking" - Programma's LLP - Comenius - Erasmus - Leonardo da Vinci - Grundvig - Studiebezoeken - Transversaal Programma - Europass - Erasmus Mundus - Erasmus Belgica
  • Helpdesk Stages
    • Helpdesk voor stages bemand en ondersteund door Coprant vzw
  • Workplacement nl
    • Praktische info over buitenlandse stages voor de student, de school en het bedrijf
  • Stage Tips
    • Site voor studenten die informatie zoeken over stagelopen
  • Stagemotor.nl
    • Stagesite voor studenten die een stage zoeken en bedrijven die een stage aanbieden
  • UNIZO - Onderwijs en ondernemen
    • Begeleidingsinstrumenten 'leren op de werkvloer'
  • VDAB Projecten - Werkplekleren, tools voor de bedrijfscoach
    • Werkplekleren komt meer en meer op de voorgrond. Het is een efficiŽnte opleidingsaanpak en een interessante methodiek om de kloof tussen school en werk te overbruggen. De coach in het bedrijf draagt in belangrijke mate bij tot het succes van werkplekleren. Het vademecum Werkplekleren wil jou als bedrijfscoach of HR-verantwoordelijke helpen een maximaal resultaat te halen.
    • Om de samenwerking tussen opleiders en bedrijven te verbeteren, zetten in de voorbije jaren partners een reeks van deelprojecten op. Er werden verschillende producten ontwikkeld zodat leren op de werkplek gestructureerd kan verlopen.
      In dit ESF-ambassadeurschapsjaar ondersteunt DBO stagebegeleiders, stagegevers en mentoren. Tijdens infosessies worden het Kwaliteitskader, de Bege-Leidraad - een handreiking voor de mentor, het Stage-doeboek - voorgesteld aan leerkrachten en vertegenwoordigers uit bedrijven waarmee scholen/centra samenwerken.
  • Europass Vlaanderen - Europass Nederland
    • Europass is een verzamelmap waarin je vijf documenten (Europass-CV, Europass-taalpaspoort, Europass-Mobiliteit, Europass-Diplomasupplement en Europass-Certificaatsupplement) kan bewaren.
      De vijf Europass-documenten tonen duidelijk wie je bent, waar en wat je hebt geleerd, wat je kan en ook in welk Europees land je al hebt gewerkt of gestudeerd
  • KENWERK Internationaal
    • Internationaal erkende leerbedrijven - Leren in de praktijk




  • Euro paths

    • Fremdsprachenlernen und berufliche Mobilitšt in Europa (Germany Ė Finnland Ė Danemark)

  • Virtex project German version

    • VIRTEX, a Socrates project, has developed language material for using English and German as foreign languages in the catering and hotel industry, in order to prepare students for their work placement and make them more aware of cultural similarities and differences