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Work Package 2

Description – work package no. 2

Quality Indicators for The Guide  – Framework for training programme – Meeting place – Sweden, April 2007

  • Start month: 2 End month: 5

  • Duration: 7 months

  • Workpackage Leaders:  P5 – Ester Mosessons gymnasium (SE) and P2 – Stella Maris Merkam (BE)

Aim: The aim is to agree on witch quality indicators and criterias will suit the project. The “frame” for the workplace-training guide emerges as well as the criteria’s for the work place trainer and the receiving workplace.


T.2.1 Development of quality indicators

Study of different research done on quality indicators in education. Create an overview – how does it fit our project-SWOT. Design quality indicators for the Hotel and food industry. Project the indicators from all perspectives, student, trainer/teacher, company, and policy makers. Done by survey.


T.2.2 Development of The Guide

Create a guide that consists of agreed quality indicator for workplace trainers to enable the trainer to guide and mentor his student with a clearer perception.


T.2.3 Criteria's for work place trainers

What is really being done in the workplace – what is the role of the trainer, what are his/hers responsibilities towards the student? Specification of pedagogically sound researched curriculum’s in workplace training used as common criterias for workplace trainers.


T.2.4 Criteria's for work places

Criteria’s for receiving companies that train students.



Create an overview of quality indicators and criteria’s for trainers and work places– how does it fit our project – SWOT analysis based on partner’s studies on quality indicators.

All partners work jointly on an agreed design as well as subcontracting for translation of necessary documents


Work package leader

The work package leader is responsible for initiating, monitoring and managing the process, milestones and deliverables. Responsible for reporting results on web and to stakeholders. Report on status.


Preparation for next meeting

To ensure a continues flow the next leaders (P2/P5) must prepare them self



Printing. Translation of necessary documents. Consultancy from an expert.


How will this be obtained?

Detailed analysis on quality indicators lead to agreed upon indicators for The Guide, supported by an expert. Agreed upon criteria’s for workplaces and their trainers based on field research, accomplished in cooperation with stakeholders.


Quality assurance

Work package leaders are responsible for the process. They are also responsible for obtaining experts input on quality indicators. Involving stakeholder’s gives greater quality to the criteria’s made towards the trainers and companies.



Milestones: Quality indicators, criteria’s for trainers, criteria’s for companies. Report on status

Product 1 – The Guide for Work Place Training – 5 languages

Product 2 – Training material for trainers – 5 languages