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Work Package 6

Description – work package no. 6

Description – work package no.6 – Valorisation, dissemination and distribution

Meeting place – Iceland, October 2008

Start month: 19  End month: 24

Duration: 6 months

Workpackage Leaders:  P1 – IÐAN fræðslusetur(IS) and P6 –  Omagh college (NUK)


















Total number of staff days (ISCO)


 Aim: the aim is to promote the project and ensure maximum exposure. We aim to demonstrate a product that fulfils the specific aims of this project, which is to produce a high quality guide for workplace trainers that enables them to mentor their student with more efficiency and equality. This work is only one step of many to make vocational training in the hotel and food sectors a great profession and place to be for employees and students.  To promote this way of thinking and working it is important for students and trainers to include this work in their portfolio and europass


T.6.1 marketing plan

Design marketing plan – identification of channels and targets

Establish reliable channels for dissemination of the product

Whom and where should the training of workplace trainers be executed? Find permanent solution for each country. Official launch of Guide for all sectors in the food and hotel Industry – project identity must be in place and logo. What has been learned? New knowledge. Transferability to other sectors in vocational training.

Each country organises 4 dissemination events (conferences, seminars, workshop)

Distribute information package to 5 major federations and/or company’s in each country



T.6.2 Promotion plan

Stakeholders will be invited to attend the work package meetings in each country. This will give stakeholders a chance to monitor progress.


T.6.3 Implementation of established network through stakeholders

New letters, web page, status reports, awareness campaign, e-mail, telecommunication, video conferencing

Take mesures to substain webpage for next 48 months

Transition of delivrables – make sure that each partner has the nessasry IT for disseminttion (P1,P6)

Publication of at least one article in newspaper og trade magasine.



T.6.4 Transferability

Introduce project to other Vocational sectors


T.6.5 Official launch

Reviewed training Manuel and Guide. Trainers attend training programme to prepare them for guiding their student through The “revised” Guide. Launch in all countries.


T.6.6 Action plan - ensuring the project life time

Plan to keep the project active through the web page for two years after project ends.



All partners are responsible for active participation in the valorisation as WP state. All partners are obligated to utilize their networking and training facilities to introduce and disseminate the projects findings.


Work package leaders

WP leaders are responsible for to initiate, monitor and design as ell as producing and publishing the different deliverables at each event. WP leaders must have the approval of other partners at each time. WP leaders (P1, P6) coordinate plan to sub stain the project on the internet for 48 months after the project ends. The work package leader is responsible for initiating, monitoring and managing the process, milestones and deliverables.



Subcontracting: translation of necessary documents

ICT expert, installing and maintaining website. Printing and design, conference arrangements,

Subcontracting: expertise


How will this be obtained?

Detailed project plan with an organisation chart will be designed for the tasks in hand. As well as a platform for communication. Coordinator must confirm all subcontracting. WP leaders provide valorisation planning and implementing. Each partner is how ever for responsible for activities in their own country.


Quality assurance

Work package leaders are responsible for the process. They are also responsible for obtaining experts input on quality indicators. Involving stakeholder’s gives greater quality to the criteria’s made towards the trainers and companies. Stakeholders create the venue for dissemination of the material. Making The Guide a part of the schools and companies. TQM gives the project consistency and quality.



Promotion plan – 5 languages

Promotional material on project results 5 languages

Status report after each meeting

Dissemination plan – 5 languages

Press coverage and articles

Dissemination event is all countries

Documentation of skills and competence via Europass

6 Meeting in connection with each WP1-WP6

1-2 meetings between work package leaders

2 domestic trips per partner to promote project

Web page in English