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Work Package 7

Description work package no. 7

Description work package no. 7 - Project management

Start month: 1 End month: 24

Duration: 24 months

Workpackage Leaders:  All Partners


















Total number of staff days (ISCO)


Aim: The aim is to organise the project using specific procedures. Establish good communication, minimise risk factors and ensure completion of work packages. Be cost effective and keep matters in perspective. Ensure project mission and quality assurance procedures.


T.7.1 Project plan

Planning and defining the Project. Make sure that partners are aware of parameters and boundries. Partners  agree on project mission. (purpose, goals and objectives, critera, context, constraints, risks, stakeholders)

Partners agree upon their role in the project at each stage and are responsible for monitoring system to minimise risk factors to ensure complition of workpackages. Develop a budjet plan to ensure cost effecince and common understandig of finacial matters.


T.7.2 Contracts and agreements

Signing  of contracts and agreements, between partners, subcontractors and The Leonardo Agency


T.7.3 Work package leaders and meetings

Preparation and organise six meetings. Each meeting has a leader. Monitor workpackages. Write up meeting minuets and publish on web.


T.7.4 Quality assurance plan

Documentation of the issues, log details - Total Quality Management, best practice in each area, issues are tracked until resolved. All changes need to be documented, evaluted and approved before it is implimented. Usage of standard document sections- title/revision/approval/standard header and footer....


T.7.5 communication platform

Project communication. Project needs workflow and communication are aligned


T.7.6 Interim report

Report progress and findings to the Leonardo Office in Iceland. Survey and support partners will assess and confirm the progress of the work. The assessment will be included in the interim report.


T.7.7 Final report

Report final findings and deliverables to the Leonardo Office in Iceland. Revision of deliverables and project purpose. The assessment will be presented with final report.



The work package leader is responsible for initiating, monitoring and managing the process, milestones and deliverables. Responsible for reporting results on web and to stakeholders. Report on status. Each partner is responsible for hosting one meeting. Partners must contribute to work packages and provide good financial records and report to promoter/coordinator. All partners work jointly on an agreed design as well as subcontracting for translation of necessary documents



The promoter is responsible for overseeing all agreements, financial matters and making sure that all procedures are in accordance with the EC requirements.



Printing. Translation of necessary documents. Consultancy from an expert.


How will this be obtained?

All partners work jointly on an agreed design, rules. Meetings will take place as well as communication through e-mail and other communication platforms...


Quality assurance

Internal and external verification will be formally recognised by all partners at each meeting as well as through e-mail, web page and other platforms. The project plan will be reviewed at each meeting as well as the financial status.



  1. Project plan and quality management plan in English working language
  2. Contracts and agreement- in English- working language
  3. Communication platform
  4. Briefs/records of meetings proceedings in English working language
  5. Interim report for The Leonardo Office in Iceland
  6. Final report for The Leonardo Office in Iceland