“Alaska of all places” – from the metropolis of new york to the village of cicely

The cult series from the 90s “Alaska of all places” (Original title “Northern Exposure”) takes viewers to a small town in northern Alaska – the fictional village of Cicely. The series’ location may be surprising at first glance, as most stories and movies set in the U.S. are usually set in larger cities like Los Angeles or New York.
But it’s this unusual setting that makes Alaska, of all places, so charming from. The series wonderfully depicts life in a small community where everyone knows everyone else and everyone tries in their own way to find their place in the community.
The series centers on New York doctor Dr. Joel Fleischman, who has to spend his residency in Cicely due to a fellowship obligation. Here, in the midst of wild nature and a quirky village community, the city dweller must first find his way around and learn that life in nature has its very own rules.

An unusual move: from the big city of New York to the small village of Cicely in Alaska

Many people dream of leaving their hometown and starting a new life in a different place. So does Joel Fleischman, a young doctor from New York. But when he accepts the offer to work as a rural doctor in Cicely, a small village in Alaska, he has no idea of the challenges that await him.

Life in Cicely could not be more different from life in the big city. The residents all know each other and there is a family atmosphere. But there are also some unusual characters, like the eccentric DJ Chris or the spiritual Marilyn. In the winter cold of Alaska, Joel must first find his way around and learn how to deal with unusual medical cases.

Despite the difficulties that the move brings, Joel also learns many positive sides in Cicely. He is making real friends and learning about the beauty of Alaska. But in the end, he has to decide whether to stay in Cicely and accept his new life, or go back to the big city where everything is different.

Overall, moving to Cicely is certainly a special experience for anyone looking for a change in life. It is a chance to face new challenges and learn about a different culture. But it also requires courage and openness to the unknown. You have to be willing to leave your comfort zone and engage in new experiences to be successful in the end.

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