Europe as an opportunity and not only in the election campaign

Europe is more present and relevant than ever in today’s world. It is not only in the election campaign that it becomes clear how important a common European policy is. European countries are facing major challenges such as dealing with the refugee crisis, digitalization and climate policy. Together, these challenges can be met more effectively.

Europe is not only an economic partnership, but also a symbol of peace and unity. After centuries of conflicts and wars, European countries have learned to work together and pursue a common vision. This should also be promoted and supported outside of election times.

“Rarely stupid” prosecutor is not an insult

The line between freedom of expression and offense is often difficult to draw. This was also made clear in a recent court case involving the statement “rarely stupid prosecutor” went.

A man wrote this sentence in a comment on an online platform and was subsequently charged with libel. The public prosecutor’s office considered it a criminal offense because the term “stupid” was used represents a devaluation and degradation of the public official.

Real estate news – everything important at a glance

If you want to be successful in the real estate market, you must always be up to date. New trends, legal changes or current market developments can quickly make the difference between success and failure. Hausbautipps24 is a trusted partner for anyone who wants to learn about home building and real estate. Our news always keeps you up to date and offers valuable insights into the world of real estate.

Our experienced team of experts monitors the real estate market on a daily basis and filters out the most important information. Whether you are an investor, builder or tenant – with us you will find everything you need at a glance. And, of course, we offer not only dry facts, but also exciting background stories and interesting interviews with experts in the industry.

Familienstark with the kiel family app

The digital world is growing and increasingly influencing our daily lives. Families can also benefit from this development. In Kiel, a family app is currently available to make everyday life easier for families. This involves organizing dates, activities and networking with other families.

The Kiel Family App is not just for parents, but also for grandparents, uncles, aunts and anyone else who cares for children. Easy to use, the app is suitable for all age groups. With just a few clicks, appointments and activities can be planned and coordinated.

Borussia dortmund: uefa punishes bvb financially

UEFA has fined Borussia Dortmund a fine. The club is alleged to have violated rules on issuing licenses to clubs. The penalty is said to be up to 50.000 euros and is a blow to the club, which is in a tight financial situation. But what exactly did BVB do wrong?

In essence, the issue is that the club has made significant player transfers despite the Corona pandemic and the financial constraints that have been associated with it. These transfers have been deemed inappropriate by UEFA and BVB has been asked to comply with financial stability rules. This is part of a broader campaign by UEFA to ensure that clubs do not spend more than they earn and do not get into financial trouble.

Active management makes the difference with covered bonds

Covered bonds are a type of bond that are backed by specific assets that serve as collateral. These assets can be, for example, real estate or mortgage loans. The German market for covered bonds is one of the largest in Europe and is considered particularly safe.

To minimize the risk of default, it is particularly important for covered bonds to be managed by experienced and active managers. These managers can target the portfolio to optimize risk and return. Because covered bonds are often long-term investments, active management is especially important to minimize downside market movements.

Apple shares: why a dividend hike might be worth considering

As one of the world’s best-known technology giants, Apple remains a major player in the stock market. With a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion, the company is a popular target for investors looking for stability and growth.

One of the ways Apple rewards its shareholders is by paying dividends. In recent years, the company has steadily increased its payouts, and there is always debate about whether Apple should increase its dividend even further.

Energy and low-income elderly – liheap clearinghouse

For many older people in the U.S., living in poverty means challenges in meeting their basic needs, such as food, health care and housing. But one of the biggest issues facing this group is access to affordable energy.

The cost of energy can be prohibitive for low-income seniors. In many cases, they must choose between paying energy or health care bills. This can negatively impact their health and well-being, as a lack of energy can lead to physical exertion and malnutrition.

“Ciao bambini” is the motto in sillian

In the heart of the Austrian Alps, just a stone’s throw from the Italian border, lies the idyllic community of Sillian. Here you can find not only untouched nature, but also an international atmosphere. Because for the past few years, children in Sillian have been learning not only German, but also Italian as a foreign language.

This innovative concept of bilingual education has been introduced to help students better understand and integrate. Because in Sillian, the situation is particularly close to the border: the municipality is located in the Austrian province of Tyrol, directly on the border with South Tyrol in Italy. Many people live and work here across the borders and therefore have to deal with both the Austrian and the Italian language.

Myths about the human brain: what is true and what is not?

Alcohol consumption is considered by many people to be one of the leading causes of brain cell loss. But how much truth is there behind this myth?

The human brain is a complex organ that has not yet been fully explored. This is why the brain is surrounded by numerous myths and legends that persist. One of the most popular is the idea that alcohol actually destroys brain cells.