Energy and low-income elderly – liheap clearinghouse

For many older people in the U.S., living in poverty means challenges in meeting their basic needs, such as food, health care and housing. But one of the biggest issues facing this group is access to affordable energy.

The cost of energy can be prohibitive for low-income seniors. In many cases, they must choose between paying energy or health care bills. This can negatively impact their health and well-being, as a lack of energy can lead to physical exertion and malnutrition.

Bbt 5k contributes to “3,000 miles for peace” for peace on earth

The BBT 5k running event has always been committed to promoting health and fitness in the community. Now, however, this event has an even greater purpose – to promote peace and cohesion in the world.

BBT 5k has partnered with the nonprofit organization “3,000 Miles for Peace” to promote its mission to inspire people around the world to promote peace on earth. This collaboration is an exemplary sign of solidarity and cooperation to create a more peaceful world.

At florus, the apple will soon be in the spotlight

Florus, a German company specializing in fruit and vegetables, will soon focus more on apples. The company wants to respond to the growing trend towards healthy eating and natural products.

In the course of this, Florus will expand its range of single-variety apples and focus more on regional production. This will give customers the opportunity to buy high-quality and fresh apples from the home country.

Brain research in buddha’s footsteps

Brain research in buddha's footsteps

Scientific studies have increasingly examined the effects of meditation on the brain in recent years. In particular, Buddhist monks who meditate for years have drawn the attention of researchers. The results are astonishing and confirm many aspects of Buddhist teachings.

Some studies have shown that regular meditation actually changes the brain structurally, causing certain regions of the brain to become more activated. Other studies show that meditation can lead to an increase in self-awareness and a reduction in stress and anxiety levels.