Europe as an opportunity and not only in the election campaign

Europe is more present and relevant than ever in today’s world. It is not only in the election campaign that it becomes clear how important a common European policy is. European countries are facing major challenges such as dealing with the refugee crisis, digitalization and climate policy. Together, these challenges can be met more effectively.

Europe is not only an economic partnership, but also a symbol of peace and unity. After centuries of conflicts and wars, European countries have learned to work together and pursue a common vision. This should also be promoted and supported outside of election times.

“Rarely stupid” prosecutor is not an insult

The line between freedom of expression and offense is often difficult to draw. This was also made clear in a recent court case involving the statement “rarely stupid prosecutor” went.

A man wrote this sentence in a comment on an online platform and was subsequently charged with libel. The public prosecutor’s office considered it a criminal offense because the term “stupid” was used represents a devaluation and degradation of the public official.

How to save opposing counsel’s fees in the event of default

If you default on a lawsuit, opposing counsel’s fees can skyrocket. However, there are several ways to reduce these costs and avoid unnecessary expenses.

An important first step is to respond quickly once you receive a demand for payment or a lawsuit. Avoid missing deadlines or acting only at the last minute. Not only will this reduce costs, but it will also improve your chances of success.