“Ciao bambini” is the motto in sillian

In the heart of the Austrian Alps, just a stone’s throw from the Italian border, lies the idyllic community of Sillian. Here you can find not only untouched nature, but also an international atmosphere. Because for the past few years, children in Sillian have been learning not only German, but also Italian as a foreign language.

This innovative concept of bilingual education has been introduced to help students better understand and integrate. Because in Sillian, the situation is particularly close to the border: the municipality is located in the Austrian province of Tyrol, directly on the border with South Tyrol in Italy. Many people live and work here across the borders and therefore have to deal with both the Austrian and the Italian language.

But Italian is not only used in the classroom. Also in the free time there are numerous offers to deepen the language and to awaken the love for the Italian culture. For example, the children can participate in language camps, where they not only learn language skills, but also become acquainted with culinary and cultural specialties.

The concept of bilingual education has now proven itself in Sillian and is appreciated by parents, teachers and students alike. It not only allows children to integrate better, but also helps to promote cross-border cooperation and understanding.

A warm welcome to Sillian!

Sillian is the perfect place for a relaxing family holiday. Here children can play, learn and explore nature. The “Ciao bambini” program offers the little ones lots of exciting activities, while parents can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

In the summer there are numerous opportunities to participate in guided hikes or to explore the region on your own. The village is situated at the foot of the Carnic ridge and thus offers an impressive mountain panorama.

In winter Sillian is a true paradise for skiers. The village is part of the Hochpustertal ski area and offers more than 55 km of slopes. There are also plenty of opportunities off the slopes, such as tobogganing or snowshoe hiking. The children can let off steam in the children’s world, while the parents enjoy the sun.

  • Family friendly accommodations
  • Many outdoor activities for children
  • Ski area Hochpustertal with children’s world
  • Carnic ridge with fantastic mountain panorama

We look forward to welcoming you and your family in Sillian.

Language weeks for children in Sillian

The municipality of Sillian organizes every year the Children’s Language Weeks, where children aged 5-12 years can learn the German language in a playful way. Under the motto “Ciao bambini” the children learn not only German, but also Italian, which is particularly important in the region.

The language weeks take place in the summer and offer the children a varied program. In addition to the language lessons, there are also many sporting activities such as hiking, swimming and climbing. Children can also take part in excursions and explore the region.

The aim of the children’s language weeks is to offer the children a playful and easy way of learning the language and at the same time to give them the opportunity to make new friends and to spend their vacations in a beautiful environment.

  • German language learning for children aged 5-12 years
  • Language lessons as well as sports activities and excursions
  • Playful language acquisition and vacation in beautiful surroundings

“Ciao bambini” and their accommodation in Sillian

In Sillian there are many possibilities for families with children for a wonderful vacation. So also for the little ones. “Ciao bambini” is the motto in Sillian, which means for children that they are very important here. In addition to numerous leisure activities and excursions for children, there are also many accommodations that are specially designed for families.

The accommodations in Sillian are very diverse. Whether family hotel, vacation apartment or vacation home – there is a suitable offer for every taste and for every family constellation. The accommodations are very child-friendly and often also offer an extensive recreational program for children.

Most accommodations in Sillian offer family rooms with space for the whole family. Here children and parents can relax and recharge their batteries after a long day of adventure and fun. Breakfast is often tailored to the needs of families, too, so even the youngest guests can find what they’re looking for.

  • In Sillian there are many offers for families with children
  • The accommodations in Sillian are very diverse and offer the right offer for everyone.
  • Family rooms offer space for the whole family.
  • Breakfast is often adapted to the needs of families.

“Ciao bambini” is the motto in Sillian

The idyllic village of Sillian in East Tyrol is a true paradise for skiers and snowboarders in the winter season. But also off the slopes there is a lot to discover and experience. For families with children we recommend the program “Ciao bambini”, which is offered from mid-December to the end of March.

The varied program includes child care, ski and snowboard courses, as well as various leisure activities such as tobogganing, ice skating and winter hikes. Children can let off steam in Kinderland and practice their first turns on the boards.

The highlight of the program, however, is the weekly torchlight procession through Sillian, where the children present their learned skills on skis and proudly ride through the village. The program is rounded off by a joint closing event with awards ceremony and certificates for all participants.

  • “Ciao bambini” program from mid-December to the end of March
  • Varied program with childcare, ski and snowboard courses and leisure activities
  • Highlight: weekly torchlight procession through Sillian
  • Joint final event with award ceremony and certificates

For families with children, the “Ciao bambini” program is a great way to spend the winter vacations actively and together.


“Ciao bambini” is the saying in Sillian – with this saying the students of the elementary school in Sillian said goodbye to their well-deserved summer vacations after an eventful school year. In addition to the Italian lessons, which are firmly anchored in the curriculum, numerous projects were also carried out to give the children a comprehensive picture of Italy.

It was particularly important for the students to learn not only the language, but also the culture and history of Italy. For example, excursions to Udine and Venice were organized and typical Italian dishes were cooked.

But also the daily teaching routine in Sillian offers numerous opportunities to learn and use Italian. For example, the company regularly conducts theater games in Italian and deepens its language skills through partner projects with Italian schools.

  • Overall, it can be said that the efforts of the Volksschule Sillian to provide students with a comprehensive education are also very successful in the area of Italian.
  • Through the numerous projects and activities, the children are not only introduced to the language itself, but also to the culture and history of the neighboring country.
  • The “Ciao bambini At the end of the school year, it shows that the children can now start the vacations with a broad knowledge and many experiences – and are certainly well equipped for further encounters with the Italian language and culture.

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